{{Zip+mp3} Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Full Album Download

{{Zip+mp3} Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Full Album Download



Logic Reveals 'Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind' Album.

Logic announced on his Instagram and Twitter that he will be dropping a brand-new album entitled 'Confessions of an Unsafe Mind' very soon. Reasoning speak about seeming like he is under a magnifying glass, where everybody just attempts to dig some filthy about his life or from his past. And everybody seems to be a critic nowadays, commenting about his music, and labeling them. However they forget to factor in that the song came from a more individual place of the rapper and the criticism impacts just as more to the artist.

On the second verse of Confessions of a Harmful Mind," Logic talks about how popularity and fortune only brought him depression and pain. He used to think that bliss" was having big hits under his name. However quickly he recognized that big hits come with huge spotlights that shredded him apart. It was back in March that Reasoning announced his brand-new album 'Confessions of an Unsafe Mind'. Ever since, nevertheless, he launched a different project titled 'Supermarket', a companion album to his very popular novel of the same name.

The brand-new single was also launched with a remarkable video of Logic carrying out in a darkened room. The emphasize of the video is the massive rip wound on his neck and how it begins gushing out blood throughout the video, drenching his clothing. Reasoning seems aware of the massive injury but continues to perform the song uninterrupted. This is symbolic that Reasoning is putting out himself in these lyrics of the tune.

According to, fans can expect common styles that were seen in his previous projects, that include mental health, suicide and depression. The title track and visuals display his inner ideas on anxiety and sets the tone for what is to come from Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind. Confessions of a Harmful Mind follows the September 2018 release of YSIV, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

In the video, the rap artist spits the song amidst blood gushing out of a massive slash in his neck. Reasoning talks about his fight with depression, gripes with social networks, and the negative remarks that permeate about his appearance or ability. He mentions how individuals never will put him at the top with rap artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

It's the 2nd single off of his upcoming album. It's been about 6 months since Logic dropped his YSIV album, and the rap artist required to Twitter on Tuesday (Mar. 19) to announce more brand-new music. Reasoning is back with a brand-new single entitled "Confessions of an Unsafe Mind" in preparation of his upcoming album announced to drop this year. Recently, Logic dropped his second tune of 2019 with a visual for "Confessions of a Harmful Mind"-- the title track to an approaching album. Listen and watch above.

The LP's title was unveiled in a Twitter post on Tuesday (March 19). The tweet consisted of a brand-new song and video, which exposed the album's title at its conclusion. In anticipation for Reasoning quickly to be released album entitled Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind, here is the very first single off the task which takes place to be an introduction to the album which officially debuts on Friday 22nd March.

That's not the only writing he's been doing. While his new album doesn't yet have a release date, Logic's launching book comes out next week. Supermarket, a dark thriller, strikes shelves March 26. In March, Logic launched Grocery store, a soundtrack that accompanied his NYT best-selling book of the exact same title. The first single from American rapper Reasoning's forthcoming album 'Confessions of a Harmful Mind' gets here along with a extremely bloody and emotive video.

When he duplicates the line What if your life was under a glass?" white flakes fall from the sky, giving the impression of a snow globe setting. As he continues he begins to notice the blood, touching his hand to his neck. When discussing the comments he continues reading Twitter, he pulls out his phone and looks at it prior to throwing it to the ground. As the bleeding gets worse, Reasoning does a number of things to relatively numb the discomfort, consisting of illuminating a joint.

Multi-platinum Def Jam recording artist Reasoning is back. The rapper required to Twitter today to announce his upcoming fifth studio album Confessions of a Harmful Mind. The 1-800-273-8255" hitmaker started campaigning the forthcoming task with a rhyme-slaying brand-new single. Emotional, imaginative, and artistic, Reasoning's titular single has actually triggered high anticipation for his upcoming album release. Stream Confessions of an Unsafe Mind" below and be on the lookout for Logic's brand-new album dropping later this year.

Providing Confessions of an Unsafe Mind Guitar Chords by Logic. A new song by Reasoning which is produced by 6ix. This song is launched in the month of March 2019. Have a look at Reasoning's album statement below. Listen to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind now. American rap artist, songwriter, record, and vocalist manufacturer, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, understood expertly as Reasoning utilize his twitter page to reveal another brand-new music.

Arguably the most significant selling point of Confessions of a Harmful Mind" is the production work. The backdrop assembled by 6ix is absolutely nothing except celestial - glowing to the nth degree. The sound crafted is reflective, which absolutely amplifies the vibe that Reasoning looks for to capture with his rhymes. As typical, the nimble rapper throws a great deal of lyrics at the listener, even as introspective and mellow as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" can be sometimes. Scan over the lyrics, and there's a bit of everything from referencing his stress and anxiety, fame, and the criticism others have towards him. He has his reasonable share of points and decent rhymes, however it's a lot to absorb, even extended accross a record that approaches five minutes in duration.

The very first single off his upcoming album. Reasoning will drop his launching book, however he's currently making moves for his next musical release. The Def Jam artist has announced a brand-new album entitled Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. In the music video, Logic begins the song as blood starts to flow from a gash on his neck. The wound worsens and even worse but he appears to numb to the discomfort, even illuminating a joint at one point.

Top of the year, Logic released a one-off single, Keanu Reeves". Reasoning's launching novel, Supermarket is scheduled to strike racks next Friday. Reasoning titles this track Confessions Of A Harmful Mind. Do let us know what you consider Confessions of a Harmful Mind" single by Logic in the comments below. Share this short article with your good friends and spread the good word.

Enjoy Logic's new song release for Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind listed below. Reasoning will be releasing his debut book, Grocery store, on March 26th along with its soundtrack. Until then, stream "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" on all platforms now. The production from 6ix is very smooth and enables the track's pointed barbs to go down simpler. It's a terrific contrast, and after this jam we really have no concept what the new Reasoning album will seem like, but we like it that method.

The title track of his brand-new album. The rapper has actually not confirmed the release date of his upcoming album and the track list is still unknown. Aside from Reasoning's announcement of new music, he also has his debut book, Grocery store publishing on March 26th, 2019. It'll be offered in Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle. Harmful Mind is the official follow-up to Reasoning's September 2018 studio record YSIV. This year, the Maryland rap artist has actually shared the songs Keanu Reeves," Confessions of a Hazardous Mind," and Murder" (featuring Eminem). He also launched the soundtrack to Supermarket, his debut book.

The rap artist took to social media on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, to expose a teaser of his latest single and title-track from his extremely anticipated album Confessions Of A Hazardous Mind, which was launched today, 22 March 2019. The rap artist made the announcement on Twitter in a video which showed a single shot of him singing the song. Logic is set to release a brand-new LP as he drops a brand-new single titled 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind'. The rapper made the announcement by means of a video he unveiled on Twitter that features a single shot of him singing an unnamed tune, which presumably will include on the LP.

As the promotion video continued Logic exposed a brand-new song while gradually being covered in blood. Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind will be Reasoning's follow-up to 2018's Young Sinatra IV No release date has actually been revealed for the brand-new album. With Confessions, Reasoning will be speaking largely about social networks and the results it has on society. Naturally, it also appears he'll have a great portion of bangers on it too, if Murder and Keanu Reeves are any signs. I make sure a few of his new tracks will make it onto The Mixtape later on today.

Oddly enough, as Reasoning's amassed more attention across the world and used his newfound influence to spread the kind of socially mindful content that many look to their idols for-- see hit 2017 song 1-800-273-8255," an Alessia Cara and Khali assisted ode to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, for an example-- more people appear to have turned their backs on him. Go online, and it won't take wish for you to find somebody accusing Logic of being too corny, a pauper's J. Cole, or just a boring artist. Whether it's just a byproduct of his status as a chart-topping artist-- you 'd be difficult pushed to find popular rap artists who don't have a legion of people on the internet dedicated to tearing them down-- or reasonable grievances. It seems that Logic can never ever catch a break no matter what he releases.

The other day, the rapper revealed his new album, the follow up to last September's YSIV which received a combined reaction from fans. He also submitted the title track off the task through a trailer which revealed him slowly getting covered in blood as he rapped some heartfelt lines over an emotional beat. The rapper's 5th studio album Confessions of a Hazardous Mind is set to show up Friday, May 10. He revealed the release date in addition to the detailed cover art, developed by Sam Spratt, including his face changing into a skeleton.