2018 Cherry Paper Zine

2018 Cherry Paper Zine


Cherry Paper is a manifestation of minds with the sole intention of uniting energies and artistry into one tangible compilation of visuals focused around the theme of "Self-Love". This collection chronicles global and cultural investigations of art, fashion, short and long-form writing, and is meant to serve as a limited edition collector's item in remembrance of 2018's Cherry On Top experience. All proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

1st Run Edition limited Edition of 100 Copies. Printed August, 2018 in Austin, Texas by Republic Print.

2018 Cherry Paper Contributors:

Alexandra Cabral

Alexis Sepkovic

Amelia Kashiro

Cecilia Alejandra

Claire Cheng

Cydney Holm

Emma Rogers

Grace Clarke

Hayett McCarthy

Jacqueline Suskin

Jamin Charles Huchingson

Jinni J.

Katy Shayne

Lara Angelil

Lura Hawkins

Madeline Morlet

Marie Elena Ely

Nico Turner

Parker Thornton

Parker Woods

Pele Kudren

Rachel Hinman

Ralph Whitehead

Ruben Burgess Jr.

Stella Hartmann

Susannah Haddad

Tafv Sampson

Tatiana Orr

Taylor Garcia Dickson

Wes Thompson

2018 Cherry Paper Credits:

Editor In Chief: Devin Duckworth

Art Direction: Devin Duckworth, Ashley Gordon

Graphic Designer: Ashley Gordon

Foreword By: Taylor Livingston

Publisher: Katie Caplener

Special Thanks: Alexis Sepkovic

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